Our philosophy

We believe that food connects people like nothing else. We are here to support food brands big and small. Our studio is a place where we (and our clients) can explore creativity and experimentation to make something delicious.


Who we are



Rose is the founder of Rose & Co., a small design studio with a national client list. As Creative Director of Chef Camp, Rose partners with a wide range of local food and beverage brands.

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Kristen has over 10 years of experience in recipe development, food styling and photography in the Betty Crocker test kitchens. Her food blog Bourbon & Honey features hundreds of custom recipes.


We love working with clients like:

Words we live by

We are always hungry not just for good food, but as creatives, we are hungry to learn and discover, and hungry to meet that next challenge. 

Celebrate love. Celebrate friendship. Celebrate differences. Celebrate mistakes because they help you grow. Celebrate success because you can share it with others.

We believe instincts are strong, both in and out of the kitchen. Whether you are making a big life decision or just deciding if a dish needs that extra pinch of salt, trust your instincts.